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Nancy Beyda

Nancy 1. How long have you been a doula?
I began attending births in 1995, after the wonderful birth of my youngest child, my son Jackson. I started teaching Childbirth Education wearing him in a sling and began going along with some of our students so that I could share their experience and be a better teacher. I fell in love with the process at the very first birth I attended and felt like I had been doing it forever. My career evolved gradually as my children grew older and I began working more often.

2. Why did you decide to become a doula?
My own three births were so powerful and incredibly transformative that I began to wonder why all women weren’t having that kind of experience. With the birth of my first child, my daughter Emily, I felt as if I had gone through a door and come out the side a different person and I felt so lucky to have been through it. I became a doula in order to help other families have the kind of births that I had experienced.

Nancy 3. What are your hobbies, passions, diversions, etc.
Kundalini yoga is an important part of my life, I teach prenatal yoga and have a daily yoga and meditation practice that has sustained me for many years. I consider myself a very spiritual person and believe that the journey through pregnancy and birth involves mind, body and spirit.

4. What is your philosophy about birth?
I believe that women know exactly what they need to do in order to birth their babies. I see my role as a guide to help them explore options and gain the confidence to follow what they instinctively know is right for them. When a partner is present, I work to support them in supporting the mother.

5. A little something about your personal life.
I have three wonderful children and have been married to my husband Kent for thirty years. We live in a big craftsman house in Hollywood. We’ve always loved to travel and explore the world together.

6. What are your specialties, unique qualities, whatever... what might make someone want to hire you specifically?
I think that my yoga and meditation practice have given me a calm and reassuring energy that women relate to. Over the years I’ve worked extensively with different hypnosis programs and am comfortable with many alternative and holistic approaches. I spend lots of time with clients to ensure that I really understand them and what they want so that I will know best how to support them.

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