Birth Ball Covers/Carriers

For Doulas, Physical Therapists, Pregnant Women and everyone who uses or transports an exercise ball. (They're like comfy pajamas for your birth ball)

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Materials: Made from stretchy, mostly cotton knit fabric. I recommend putting a Chux pad over the cover for the laboring woman to sit on so she won't get bodily fluids on the cover -- she will also be using it to lean over with her face resting on the cover, so it's good to keep it clean during labor. The covers/carriers have a contrasting color or print covering the grip on the handle and the little drawstring bag is made to match. 

If you have a specific color combination or pattern that you'd like, I will make a cover to your specifications -- please add $15 for all special orders. 

Carrying End: The birth ball covers/carriers have a large handle which will easily fit over the handle of a rolling birth bag. It can also be carried by hand or over your arm to make carrying easier. I've also had partners slip it over one shoulder so the handle is diagonally across the chest and the ball is out of the way, behind the partner. The ball can also be hung on a hook on a wall at home to keep the ball out of the reach of children when it's not in use.


The Other Side: The "bottom" of the cover/carrier has a drawstring to make it easy to get the cover on and off quickly. There is a little bag attached for the drawstring to be tucked into, so that you're not dragging a drawstring that someone might trip over. Please note that the bag should be tucked inside and doesn't show... it's displayed for the photo, but should not look like this when in use. When you put the cover on your ball, it works best if the ball is slightly deflated. Place the cover so that the 'fill hole' is at the opening, as it is in the photo, for easy inflating and deflating. 

Size: All covers are made to fit a 65 cm ball. Because some fabrics stretch more than others, some covers will fit a smaller or larger ball. If you use a smaller or larger ball or keep your ball more or less inflated than is recommended, you may want to select a cover that is appropriate. It is better for the cover to be a little bit small than too big.   

If you are a busy doula, you may want to have more than one cover. 

Paypal preferred (I can accept credit card payments through PayPal.) I also accept personal checks.  

$40.00 plus tax and shipping