Cervical Dilation Charts

For doulas, childbirth educators, nurses and midwives

An excellent tool for demonstrating both dilation and effacement. Offers encouragement when a nurse says, "ONLY 4 cm" and the laboring woman can see what 4 cm looks like and how far she's come! Demonstrating that when the dilation chart is thick, it can't be stretched, but as it is reduced (thinned or effaced) by each layer, it can stretch (dilate) more and more easily can be very encouraging for a woman who is effacing, but not dilating.


Materials: Made of "fun foam," these dilation charts work especially well to demonstrate how far a woman has progressed, both in terms of dilation and effacement. Effacement can be demonstrated by trying to stretch all of the layers, to show that when the cervix is thick, it's hard to dilate. As the cervix thins or effaces, it dilates more and more easily, as demonstrated by stretching fewer layers of the dilation chart until you get to a single layer. 

It also shows how the cervix may not be perfectly round and how the results of one person's examination can differ from another. To demonstrate this, stretch the layer slightly to produce an oval shape. It's much harder to "guess" how many centimeters dilated you are if each direction is a different measurement. 

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